Paul Sikorski Photography

The Leader





Common Reed in a salt marsh which grows 12-15' in height, reaches to the sky.


A Snowy Egret walks along the shore of a salt marsh.

Cold Clouds

Cloud cover at the beach in winter.


Double-crested Cormorant takes off into the late afternoon sun.


Sanderling feeding on the beach.

The Chase

Two Snowy Egrets in-flight, one chasing the other around a salt marsh.

Sunflower Field

New England Stone Walls


Sparrow on a Rock

Savannah Sparrow perches on a rock overlooking the ocean.

Full Moon

White-breasted Nuthatch

Garden Gate

Egret Family Portrait

Sparkling Blue

A flock of Brants skim the surface of a sparkling blue ocean.

Six Pack

Six Brants fly along the shoreline.

Skyful of Birds

A flock of Brants fly along the shoreline.

Red-Winged Blackbird

First Spring Day in the Field

Cold, windy, partly cloudy, no tree buds nor Spring flowers anywhere.

Cherry Parfait Rose

Cherry Parfait Rose


Two benches to relax and view the ocean.

Hugging the Water

Four Brants fly just above the surface of the water.


High and Dry

This seagull stood on the rock wave after wave and was still there when I left. I don't think it got hit with a drop of water the whole time I was there.


The Fisherman

Portrait of a Snowy Egret feeding in a salt marsh.

Roll Call

Happy New Year everyone.

Bird In a Blizzard

Male Purple Finch endures a blizzard.

Landing Pad

Orange and Brown Daisy

Pond Reflections

Trees reflect off the surface of a small pond.


A wild baby rabbit exploring a field.

Irises in the Field

The Drop-in

Two Sandpipers scatter as a seagull drops-in to take over their rock.

Mirror Image

Egret at a Small Pond


Walking the Sunflower

Insect on a sunflower petal.

Day's End

Red-tailed Hawk

The Slide

Tiny Sanderling lost its footing and slid down the rock although it does look like the Sanderlings are taking turns sliding down the rock.


Ship's rigging.

Wildflower Hill

Deer Poses for Photographer

Lunch Break

Tomato Pi

"The number Pi is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, and is approximately equal to 3.14159." - from Wikipedia

Hanging Out

Autumn Road



Canadian Geese

It's dusk at a small pond and everyday at this time, the Canadian Geese take off.

Layers of Pastel Colors

Beautiful layers of pastel colors from this November sunset on the ocean.

Moonlight Flight

Full moon dwarfs small plane.


Canadian Geese leaving a small pond.


Going South

Rugged Beauty

Fall Flower

Sparkling Water

Cormorant In-flight

Cedar Waxwing

Out on a Limb

Summer Fades to Fall



Beat-up butterfly on a beat-up flower with a beat-up bug.

Tiger Lily

Blue Hydrangea Flower

Green Leaves

Hydrangea leaves

The Parade

Eight Snowy Egrets and seven Cormorants feeding en masse along the shoreline.



Sailboat Mast Reflections

Masts and rigging on moored sailboats reflect in water in late afternoon, early evening.


Emerging Leaves

Red-winged Blackbird

Fresh Fallen Snow

Rocky Shore

Footprints in the Sand


Crocker Gaff Schooner Class C Tall Ship.....65'/8'6"


Long Legs

Lots of Birds

Killdeer in the Grass

When I first saw this bird in the grass, it appeared injured. I didn't realize at the time that it was a ploy to lure me away from its nest. As you approach the "injured" bird, it gets up and flies away a short distance to repeat the deception again to get you further away from its nest and eggs.



Picture Perfect Garden


Squirrel leaps up from snowbank while searching for food in snowstorm.

Purple Finch

Under a Full Moon

A ferryboat returns to port under a full moon.

Landing at a Salt Marsh

Canadian Geese landing at a salt marsh.

Rising Moon

Natural Pattern & Texture

Dry sea grass standing in a salt marsh in the Fall gives a unique natural pattern and texture.

Firery Sunset


Turkey Vulture


Broken sand dunes fence emulates wavelike curves.

The Jump

A seagull that was sitting higher up on the rock jumps over a seagull into the water below much to the dismay of the lower seagull.